Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birthday Cake for the Paintball Enthusiast

I had my second commission for a cake, yes it was for my brother-in-law, but still it was an order, and my first with a "person" figure. The cake was an easy vanilla cake with a hint of orange in the butter cream icing and covered in fondant.

Here are a few photos:

A pair of sugar cookie trees, originally my idea was to have them glued together with royal icing and stand the tree up so I could hang a flag off of. Well, the cookie, though awesome was a bit soft and the trunk snapped on both, next time I will try gingerbread instead or a tougher sugar cookie.

The plan was for a ammo tin for the cake but I didn't have the green I wanted to create that effect, so I went a different route with the cake idea. I still want to try out an ammo container, in case I have an order for a military family.

The back view of the figure.

Yes I still need lots of practice but I'm still proud of this cake and how it turned out. I can only get better... well that's the hope anyway.

Ha the gun is not positioned right and I wish I had tiny paintbrushes to add a few details.


Rebecca said...

I think the cake is awesome and I bet he did too. Practice and practice some more is the best way to improve

Mamaicymouse said...

Thanks Rebecca, the best part is the practice is so much fun... and you get to eat it too :)

Angel said...

I am not sure how I missed this post but that cake looks awesome hon! I am getting into doing more stuff like that. I can't wait to see more artistic stuff!

Mamaicymouse said...

Thanks Angel, it's so much fun and if you mess something up, well the evidence gets eaten lol.